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8 Tips On How To Win Big At Roulette

8 Tips On How To Win Big At Roulette

So you have decided to try your luck at playing the Roulette. Warning, this game is really addicting because it is a fast paced game and in a matter of minutes you are well on your way to taking home a huge sum of money. That is if you win of course, however there is that “other side” of the game and that is if you lose, you also lose big in a matter of minutes. In a blink of an eye, of course I am exaggerating, you might lose a fortune. So you have to be very careful when playing the roulette, here are some tips that may help you win big or at least lose small.

Be Observant – now the game is fast paced and you might lose yourself in the crowd or you may be drowned in the noise of the people and in their excitement. You might also forget yourself and just mindlessly betting as you are caught in a euphoric moment. This is the time where you have to calm down and be observant, notice what is happening around you and most of all be observant of yourself, are you blindly betting or are you betting consciously? Yes, when you get caught in that feeling of euphoria you might lose yourself and will not be able to notice how much you have lost already until it is too late.

Know how to increase your odds – yes there might not be any mathematical solution on how you can, at will or by simple calculation, increase your odds of winning. However there are some strategies you can use that if done right will allow you to do just that, increase your odds in winning.

Play European Roulette – so how is playing European roulette a strategy on increasing your odds of winning? Well basically because of the wheel itself, the European Roulettes has fewer zero’s in its wheel than that of the American Roulette. So this means lesser chances of landing on a potential loss.

Disable The Zero With Prison Bet – a prison bet is where you are to place your bet in a way that you do not loss all your bet when the ball lands on zero. When you enter a prison bet and the ball lands on zero you do not lose that bet and will just leave it for the next game. Now if you win on the next spin you do not win the amount however you are able to get back your original bet, that way you only lose half of your winnings.

Limit your bets – often times we see people losing a huge sum of money only to find out that they are back to lose some more, thinking that they might win all they lost. Often times this is not the case so when playing a fast paced game like roulette it would be best to put a cap on your bets and do not go over it, if you lose it all quit the game and call it a night, remember there is still tomorrow.

Don’t believe in winning streaks – roulette is a fast paced game of chance and luck plays a big part in a person winning the game. So if you think you are on a winning streak immediately stop, as they say quit while you are ahead. You’ll never know when the favor will shift to the other side.

Come into Terms that The House Has the Advantage – to play roulette and have fun instead of turning it to a serious business and blinding you to losing control on betting, you have to understand that the house has the advantage. Out of the myriad of possibilities you only can acquire several of them so it is always the house that has the upper hand. The more you understand this the more you will play roulette online for fun and still remain in control, this is in a way a form of winning already.

Don’t forget to have fun – Roulette like other games are created for entertainment not for making a living out of it. These games give you excitement as well as fun. So do not forget that, have fun playing by being in control of your money and sanity so to speak.

If you do these things and at the end you can honestly say you had fun, then you have truly won big in the game of roulette.