When playing online casino games, you of course have to play the games that are most reliable. Why? This is to prevent any doubt that you may feel towards that online casino game. Let’s face it doubt would really be a factor to which online casino game you would play. This is why it is recommended that you play the casino games that are already very popular among gamers. Just like when you play an online slots game, you need to play such game that already has a good reputation and known and tried by a lot of online casino players. The reason for this is the fact that the popularity of online casino slots game gave rise to some unscrupulous persons who would compromise the security of your money. What is surprising about the different online slots game is that the software is based on themes and every theme is actually being used by the top Online Casino’s. This is why we are to categorize the popular online slots game based on the theme of the online slot machine rather than the brand or the online casino that is using it since most online casino’s are using the same or similar online slots game anyway.

  • Movie Themed Online Slots – The popularity of movies have also translated into being used as a theme in online slots games. Blame it on the popularity of the movie or the popularity of the characters in the movie, or whatever the reason is this kind of theme has caught the attention of many online slots gamers worldwide. One of the most popular movies that were translated into an online slots game is the Lord of the Rings, thus the Lord of the Rings slots was made. The slots is composed of backgrounds that were created by using different clips from the movie. This online slot is made up of 243 paylines, two spin bonuses of wilds and free and composed of five reels. Other examples of movie themed online slots game is the Iron Man 2 Slots.
  • TV Game Show Themed Online Slots – who is not fond of watching game shows? Game shows are popular among online casino enthusiasts because of the thrill that it gives the audience. The more popular TV game shows were converted to online slots games, one of them is the game show Deal or No Deal, the slots version of this show is composed of twenty paylines and five reels. What made this online slot as close to the real game is that it has a progressive jackpot, meaning the longer you play and wait the higher the reward is.
  • Poker Themed Slots – if you are the player who is fond of poker then the online poker themed slots is for you. This type of online slots is made up of spinning reels combined with a regular poker rankings and of course the 52 deck card. When you play this online slots  makes you feel like you are playing poker without the long game duration and the dealer of course. Everything happen at the pull of the virtual lever.

These are some of the most popular themes in online slots, of course throughout the years there have been variations already and there could be different types of free online slots out there. So far however these types are the most common and it is safe to assume that they are also the most popular.