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Here’s Why You Should Become A Member Of The Secret Society Bavarian Illuminati

Here’s Why You Should Become A Member Of The Secret Society Bavarian Illuminati

The Bavarian Illuminati is a secret society that was founded to promote republican free thinking. Worldwide, the secret society is more prominently known as simply Illuminati.

The year of establishment of this secret society was back in 1776. The founding member was Adam Weishaupt – who was a former Jesuit and a canon law professor at Ingolstadt. Since the early days, people who came to know about the society wanted to join Illuminati and the craze remains to this day!

The aim

The primary aim of Weishaupt was to replace Christianity with a religion that is founded on reasoning and logical thinking. Weishaupt decreed that the followers of the secret society should call themselves “Perfectibilists.” Weishaupt further ensured that the internal structuring of the society is made carefully. This is why the secret society has a hierarchy and is divided into –

  • The Lesser Illuminati class
  • The Freemasons class
  • The Mystery class
  • The priest
  • The regent
  • The magus and
  • The king.

Masonic lodges and rise to prominence

When whispers about the secret society started spreading and people wanted to know how to join Illuminati, Weishaupt’s ramped up his recruitment efforts. This led the prominence of the secret society to spread across all the large cities of Bavaria. Furthermore, Weishaupt also connected with several Masonic lodges thus allowing the secret society to reach a prominent position in Bavaria.

A dedicated communication system

Whenever people wanted to know how to join the Illuminati, they had to do their homework on the inner workings of the secret society. The reason is simple. The secret society has a complex constitution. At the same time, people who are members of the secret society had to master a complex internal cipher-based communication system.

The secret society is widespread

At its peak, the secret society surpassed the borders of Bavaria and reached Italy, Denmark, Warsaw and Paris. It is no wonder that the legend of the secret society lives on to this day and people still want to join Illuminati online for free!

Notable personalities have been associated with the society

The secret society of Bavarian Illuminati has a stellar group of past members. Notable figures are –

  • The literary geniuses Johann Gottfried von Herder & Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • The renowned astronomer Johann Bode
  • The revered author Friedrich Nicolai
  • The hailed philosopher Friedrich Jacobi
  • Outstanding poets Friedrich Leopold & Graf zu Stolberg-Stolberg
  • Revered British philosopher Francis Bacon
  • St. Ignatius of Loyola.

It is no wonder that even to this day, ‘how to join Illuminati online’ is one of the trending Search Engine queries emanating from all corners of the Western world!

How could you join the Illuminati?

Often we are bombarded with questions like –

  • How can I join Illuminati?
  • How to join Illuminati in Kenya for free
  • How to join Illuminati in Uganda Kampala

Or emails where the subject reads, ‘I want to join Illuminati’. The answers to all these queries remain the same. To join the secret society, one would have to acquire the consent of other existing members. Furthermore, one would have to be wealthy and needs to be revered in the secret society as well as belong to a reputed family.

If one meets the eligibility criteria, one can share their details in the Illuminati join application form. When one is granted their membership, they would have to go through 13 degrees of initiation. When one completes all the 13 initiation tasks, then one will become a full-time member.

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