Vote to Decide the Fate of Online Casinos Due

Vote to Decide the Fate of Online Casinos Due

The world of online gaming and casinos are waiting with baited breath for a decision from the European Parliament which could see changes to the way the industry is licenced and regulated.

The vote, which will take place in Strasbourg on 10 September 2013 could see the companies running sites which allow their members to interact, gamble and play Texas Holdem online forced to change their policies in line with the new regulations.

The vote is the result of a report filed by UK member of the European Parliament Ashley Fox who originally suggested that all online operators should be regulated by the EU. The vote however will decide whether individual countries should regulate those companies operating in their own state.

Whilst such intervention from individual governments might not be welcomed wholeheartedly by many of the site owners or providers, it is expected that many customers of online gaming would welcome the changes which might come about as a result of a vote in favour of heavier restrictions: namely higher consumer protection, more protection against money laundering and blocking access to illegal websites.

It is also thought that heavier restrictions will lead to more responsibility from the various sites that do not currently place a high premium on sensible or responsible gambling.

Whatever the actual outcome of the vote, many are calling it interesting that it should happen so soon after the recent announcement by the government to impose higher taxes on online gaming sites, suggesting that the UK will be in favour of the regulations.