The 3 Best Casino Games To Win Big

The 3 Best Casino Games To Win Big

One of the biggest secrets in the casino industry is that slot machines do not give you a great chance to take home a pile of cash. That is part of the genius behind their conception: they were not always ubiquitous, but once they were introduced to the casino floor, they were a huge hit because of their mesmerizing quality that kept gamblers pulling the mechanical lever. It did not seem to matter that their odds were lower.

To the informed casino-goer, however, the chance to win big cash prizes is the name of the game. After all, why waste time and money trying to hit the jackpot when you know the game in question is rigged to be harder than one on another part of the floor?

Read on to see the three games to maximize your chance of coming out on top on your next trip to Vegas. And by the way, these are by no means obscure games hidden away from the public eye; they are popular games that are often given promotions, so take advantage of them for your best free bets.


Dating back to the 18th century,this French game is not just a colorfulactivity to spectate.In fact, it remains a simple game to play that can be gamed to the player’s advantage if you use the right strategy. That is, playing the colors and betting on either the reds or the blacks yieldsan almost 50% chance to come out on top.

This is in contrast to playing your favorite number, which does not garner the same chance of winning. Yes, the payout may be bigger – in the order of 36 to 1 – but smaller gambles will get better results, which, if you’re trying to come away with more cash in your pocket than when you came, is the smart bet.


Craps is a dice game that is a good bet if you want to add to your bankroll. While some might speculate that it owes its name to the losers (which works out to be just over 50% of the total people who play) walking away from the table uttering sophomoric curses under their breath, the truth is that the word “Craps”comes from the French word crapaud, which means toad.It’s said that the term refers to what people looked likecenturies agowhen they were crouched over the sidewalk playing the dice game. While there is a bit of a learning curve involved, the basics of the game are simply betting on the outcome of a dice roll against other players or the house.


The single best game for winning is Blackjack, where players go head to head with the dealer who enjoys a mere 1% edge. That is as close as you will get in Atlantic City to an even playing field. It helps that it is also one of the easiest games to pick up and get playing without much barrier to entry. The basics revolve around getting closer to the number 21 – without surpassing it in value – than the dealer. It’s simple, fun, and effective which is why it remains to be a clear winner with casino goers, despite the big surge in new games.

Gamers have a chance to win while playing at any casino game really, but the odds of hitting the jackpot and winning big are drastically increased while playing the above three games.