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Odds Of Winning The Roulette

Odds Of Winning The Roulette


Roulette is a casino game that is both interesting and frustrating for the players. The luck factor and the excitement of other players in the game adds to the interest of playing the game, while a lesser number of odds of winning in the game lead to the frustration. Overall, this game is considered as a fun game with enhanced levels of excitement and is combined with a high glamor. The ease of playing this game adds more to the appeal of this game, while many players look for strategies online that they can implement to improve their winning odds. To help you, improve your odds of winning the Super Casino online roulette game, few useful tips are mentioned below, following which you can improve your chances of success in an ethical manner.

European Roulette

There are two types of Roulette wheels available in casinos to play with, the American and the European one. There is a small difference between the two, where American wheel contains one extra number ‘00’ than the European wheel. The extra number reduces the odds of the player to win the game, thus, always prefer a European wheel for playing the game of Roulette to have a better chance of success.

Best Bets

Apart from the benefit of better odds, the en prison rule for the European wheel is also beneficial for increasing the winning chances. This states that on ‘0’ output of the game, the player is entitled to the next spin of the game and if he wins, he can take back his original betting amount. This way the chances of a player to lose the bet amount are reduced, offering a distinct benefit to the player. While betting for the game, betting on the outer numbers is considered better as they have more chances of appearing in the outcome. Considered the worst bet for this game is the combination 0-00-1-2-3, which is never advised to be played with, since, it offers the least chances of success.

Avoid Being Emotional

Involvement in a game is a good thing for a player, but an emotional attachment can be bad in terms of finances. Always play with a fixed bankroll to improve your success meter and never try to break out of your set parameters in an emotional mood can lead you to a great loss in the game. Learn to control your feelings and emotions to improve your control over your game.

Avoid Fake Fire Systems

There are many systems available online that ensure you of providing a consistency in your winnings and those are available at a particular cost. However, give it a thought that if these systems would have been working in reality, the dealers would have never put them on sale, rather would have earned huge profit by using these tools.

So, by following the above mentioned tips, you can improve the chances of your success in the Super Casino online roulette game. Since, this is a game of pure luck, there is no sure shot strategy for consistent wins in this game, but you can follow basic strategies to improve the probability of your success to earn more amount.