Play on the machines of higher denominations, because higher the denomination, the higher the percentage of payout. All reel type slot machines are of variant programming. This means the machine payout several percentage points below and above to its standard payout percentage. In short the same machine can treat you good and bad at the same time. Look for the slot machines with the best payouts.

If it is written as up to 98% payback, it is a loose slot machine and will pay out 98 cents of every dollar that is played. This machine will give you a better time. A jackpot can hit by playing on slot machine with the maximum number of coins. It can be clearly seen from the payout table on the machine. Try to register so that you can use the players’ card to take advantage of any comps. Don’t forget to take the players card with you when you leave. If want to play longer, play with coins rather than bills. Playing with coins slow down the pace of the game and can play longer.

Before playing test every slot machines to know how the machine is responding. After playing a while, stop and tally the payouts. If you are at the breaking continue with the same machine and monitor always. Always follow the 6th sense when you select the machine. When playing the slots you should not have any favorite machine. You should follow a strict discipline when playing slots. Before playing the real game for money, practice on free slots, so that you will get enough training to play on machines. Try to play the game which give very poor results by observing other players screen. Always control your loses and set a comfortable amount how much you can lose without leaving you mad at yourself for going overboard. If the day is not lucky for you, return another day, without expecting to win thousands. Aware of all the types of cheating in casinos even though now a days it is not possible. Self control is another name of slot games.