How To Win At Poker

How To Win At Poker

If you ever wondered why some players become professionals and start crushing their games, while others always struggle, I will give you an answer to that. They do have a plan how to improve and most importantly they stick to it. Therefore, I will be explaining necessary steps you should take if you want to improve your game and start winning more.

Evaluate your game

The first and probably the most important thing is to identify your mistakes. It is quite easy to understand that there is no way to improve if you are not sure what you should be fixing. Therefore, this is something that you just cannot miss.

If you are playing online, you are aware of tracking software such as Holdem Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4 and can use these programs to gain a lot of information. Many use it just to track results and miss on some opportunities to improve their game by studying statistics. Therefore, it should be the first thing that you do next time you sit down at your PC. Compare your stats to the winning players at your games and identify areas where you should improve.

Make a plan

When you know what cost you themost money and which mistakes are most crucial, you should make a plan how to fix it. To get the best results just write down all your mistakes starting with the biggest one and along each of the leaks, make a plan how to fix it.

One mistake can be fixed by reading strategy articles in a particular spot, for others, you will need to post hands on forums or maybe get some poker coaching for even better results. No matter what you choose, make sure to have a plan.

Master preflop

No matter which game you play, preflop is an essential part of any successful strategy. If you make mistakes in this area, it is close to impossible to play well on later streets, so naturally, you should be looking to improve this area firstly.

Concentrate on building unexploitable ranges based on game theory optimal (GTO) strategy and learn to change it based on your competition. Which is our next point.

Learn to play versus different players

You need to build different strategies to countertight, passive or even aggressive players. And not only preflop but postflop as well. Obviously, you need different strategies against each player type because they make adifferentkind of mistakes and you want to exploit that.

Therefore, learning how to deal with different players should be your priority after you finished your work mentioned in earlier steps.

Keep consistent

To reach success, you have to stay consistent. All good players concentrate on one game, so if you want to learn cash game strategy and play it as you main game, you should not be learning tournaments or sit and goes at the same time.

Stick to one thing at a time, and you will have much better results. Same applies tolearning. When you are fixing one of your mistakes, concentrate on it alone. Trying to fix few things at once will not work and will just cause confusion.

Summing it up

Now you know all the steps that you have to take to become a winning player and your job is to proceed with it. You can get all of this explained even in more details, find a lot of strategy articles, tips and even get some poker coaching here. Take a look inside and take your game to the next level.