Console Gaming Vs Online Gaming

Console Gaming Vs Online Gaming

Gaming provides a break from the ever competitive world. Yet gaming types too have their differences. Here are some marked differences between console gaming and online gaming.

1. To play console gaming the player has to buy a gaming console such as Nintendo’s Wii or Microsoft’s X-Box. On the other hand, you can play online games in your laptop or your personal computer. But the PC or laptop needs to have a processor that is ultra fast. The laptops or computers that have large memory capacity will support online games as well.

2. The player has to plug in to the television set for console gaming. This is not required in online gaming.

3. The graphics card is required to play new console games. On the other hand, you need to have a high speed internet connection such as 3G or 4G. It gives the utmost pleasure in playing online games with high speed internet connectivity as poor internet connection will have difficulty in loading the game and it will be slow. This affects the interest in the game. Having a wifi connection is best for online gaming.

4. Console games require to be upgraded from time to time as higher levels with more difficulties bring in new challenge and excitement in the game. But, online gaming does not require any sort of up-gradation like the console games. Yet, there are exceptions. Some online games charge a fee to make the games broader or longer.

5. For console games the player needs to go to the store and purchase individual games of one’s choice and interest. This is not so in the case of online gaming. You can enjoy playing online games at your own comfort without running to the store. But online gaming at times requires a subscription with regard to each individual game. Online games are downloaded straight from the internet and the internet charge may be applied.

6. You can play console games with your family and friends either playing against each other or cooperating together. For that you just need to have multiple controllers. On the other hand, in online gaming you need to invite friends or family and play with them. In online gaming even if there are no friends or family to play with at the time you desire to play, you can play with strangers who are playing the game. Thus, you can play one or thousands of people from anywhere in the world and check your ranking at the end of the game.

7. Whether you are a console player or your child, there is always the risk f having the desire to play with the new console that is created from time to time. This risk does not exist in online gaming.

8. Parental control is stronger in case of console gaming. There are safety concerns attached with online gaming which are difficult to control.

Both the types of gaming have their pros and cons. Make your pick and have fun.