We are a support group for women who wish to take control of their lives at any given stage. We offer all sorts of aid for women in need of help, from financial assistance, job hunting, peer-to-peer counselling and many other ways. When we were just starting out, we were just a group of women struggling to survive in this harsh world where survival of the fittest is still the norm.

Women like me, who needed help and attention, turned to each other for support. As our numbers grew, so did our group’s focus and determination. We started mapping out programs and activities to help each of our members in the littlest of ways. Slowly but surely, our movement gathered momentum, and we soon grew in number even more.

As more and more members came in, there was also more and more creative thinkers who contributed their own ideas on how to improve the organization in order to serve its members even better. That’s when the leaders of the group decided to come up with a certain plan of action to help the members in a more discrete manner. What they came up with was 13 solid plans of action which, when followed, will lead one to success. Therefore, the name system13 signifies the 13-point plan of action by which the group lives by.