The days of the struggling artist are long gone as the world wide web has opened a huge window of opportunity for artists to reach out to people.

In pre-internet times, writers, painters, and designers had to rely heavily on contacts, spend a lot of money on conducting exhibitions and advertising to get their work recognized.

However, now they can easily enjoy all the attention and even more from the comfort of their homes. That is the power of social media!

How To Start?

If you are an artist and have decided to start putting your art out into the world, firstly you need to get active on the social media circuit.

Create a business account on Instagram and Facebook and start posting every day. It can be a small drawing, or something old that you had done years back; the aim here is to gain a following. That can only happen by uploading creative content consistently. This is bound to keep your existing followers involved and help you gain more followers.

How To Keep At It?

When you work for yourself, there is a certain amount of leeway that you tend to take. This is the biggest problem you have to overcome.

You would have to chart out clear working hours, maintain a strict schedule, be organized and ensure to take time off. Your to-do list at the end of the day should be full of ticks!

As Pranita Kocharekar puts it, you have to work ‘from procrastination to productivity’.

How Will Your Art Start Earning?

Every illustrator has a different graph. Some can become popular overnight, with one of their doodles going viral, while for others it could take years. However, there are takers out there for every form of art.

Once you have gained a fan following, you can gradually introduce products into your social media. There are several websites you can collaborate with, or even make your own website on one of the shared platforms to get started.

Products like stationery, apparel, and home décor accessories are few things that a lot of popular artists sell well.