There is an overhyped need for finding new niches to exploit these days by internet marketers and while this may not necessarily be a bad strategy, it is not something that is always guaranteed to work.

So, what then do you do? An easy place to find ideas lies within you – your interests. What interests you as a person? What is it that you have wanted to buy or try out? Chances are there would be others just like you who may share the same feelings ( as a customer). Perhaps a personal example here can be of some help.

I enjoy music and that has made me hoard on a plethora of audio devices and accessories ranging from my Bose earphones, headphones, Kilamanjaro amplifiers and DACs to speakers, not to mention all kinds of related cables and interfaces. So, when I decided to make a website a few years back (as an audiophile, not a seller), I naturally began by putting in my thoughts on each of these components that I owned and how I felt they fared with different devices.

To my surprise, I found others like me who shared not echoed my interests but a few of them actually thanked me because my posts helped them make an informed decision on buying an audio accessory. And that got me thinking…what if I created an affiliate account with Amazon for the products I currently possessed and simply inserted the link into my posts. It would not just help those interested in purchasing them, it would also make me a few bucks in the process.

And the rest, as they say, is history. The moral of the story here is always have to go looking for that elusive micro-niche to help you make some money online. Also, you don’t have to be an expert in something (or a misunderstood audiophile like me for that matter).Instead, you could start by giving people a taste of your opinions on product categories or online services that you are passionate about, and if you have been honest with your thoughts, you will get the following and with some luck, the money will follow.