The majority of small business and shop owners have insurance to protect them against anything the world throws at them. While some may complain that it’s an expensive thing to have, it’s value can not be described with words, as you never know what could come your way. Unfortunately though, a large number of business owners across the world, trade on a daily basis with no such cover in place, and every so often, it comes back around to bite them.

Just ask Grace Lyo and her son Reuben from Baltimore in the United States. On the 27th of April 2015 their small store was burned to the ground by rioters after protests against Police brutality turned violent in the state of Maryland. Their shop was targeted mindlessly by rage-filled attackers simply because it was there. It was only until afterwards, while being interviewed by local news teams, that Reuben confirmed that they were without insurance.

We asked One Sure Insurance, one of the UK’s leading motor trader insurers to pitch in. They said, “It was very unfortunate for their business to be targeted in such a manner, with absolutely zero provocation to any attackers.”

On the flip side, nothing can be done, due to their lack of insurance. There’s no beating around the bush, and only one way to look at it in black and white. No insurance, means no compensation. It’s a shame to see such a business, which we all know can contribute to the backbone of an industry, to be wiped out in such a manner.

Hopefully though, shop and small business owners will take something from Grace and Reuben’s story and make sure that they are protected against anything that could happen to their business, regardless of what it is. I find it difficult to point the finger in this case and say “you had no insurance – it’s your own doing” because of the nature of the attack. Instead I have the deepest of sympathy for the Lyo family, and hope that something gets sorted out for them, and next time round, they look back and realise that they should get the insurance they need.