Anita Simmons Candidate for Woman of the Year

It is with great pride and honour that we announce the nomination of our very own CEO and Co-founder Anita Simmons as a Nominee for the Woman of the Year Award. The award is presented by Woman’s Club┬áin cooperation with the Catholic Women’s League and the various women’s organizations in the entire nation. It is a great accomplishment, indeed, just being nominated for the prestigious award, as only a handful are chosen for the elite group from all over the country.

This is the first time that any member of our group is being nominated for this award, making it even more special and exciting. In a recent interview, Simmons relates, “I was so surprised when I received the email telling me I was being nominated. First I thought, it must be some hoax or just another office prank from one of the girls at the office. But then I replied to the email and a few minutes later I got a call from the Woman’s Club office confirming the email is legit.”

“After I put the phone down, I still couldn’t believe what just happened,” continues Simmons. “I was grinning from ear-to-ear as I was telling the good news to everyone at the office. Of course I share this nomination to the entire staff, because here at system13, we work as one. So this is not just for me, it’s for every single one of us here.”

There will be a deliberation for one month after which the winner will be announced in a gathering of all women’s clubs across the country.

“I already feel like I’m a winner, no matter what the outcome. This is a shot in the arm for us,” ends Simmons as we wrap up the interview.

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