system13 Holds Pep Talk for Members

In an effort to boost the morale of its members, system13 will hold a pep talk/social gathering/dinner on the last Saturday of February this year. This coincides with the group’s 5th year anniversary since it was established and recognized as a legitimate Non-Government Organization (NGO). As a way to commemorate the special event, the pep talk is meant to remind members to hold on to their dreams and keep working towards their goals.

Co-founders Anita Simmons, CEO and Terry Phillips will spearhead the occasion, together with the staff and crew of the system13 office. Most of the members a re considered shareholders of the company, therefore are given a rightful voice at the table. This is one way to let these women feel being empowered at such an important stage in their lives.

Both Simmons and Phillips will deliver their own pep talks, of course. Other special “women in power” were also invited as guest speakers for the said event. After the pep talk, a simple dinner will follow and of course networking with the other members will also ensue. The food will be prepared by a group formed by members who wish to start their own catering business. This is their litmus test, to see if they have what it takes to cater to a large crowd of people.

Another highlight of the event is the appearance of an all-girl band to entertain the group throughout the day. The all-girl band is composed of women who’s children learned to play music together while their mothers attended system13 meetings on weekends.


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