Symposium on Women’s Rights Held

A symposium on Women’s Rights is being held on the 20th of February this year at the Carnegie Hall Auditorium. The event will be attended to by members of the women’s groups in the local community. Many groups attend such events because they feel like they need to be represented as such events. One of those groups is system13, a group of women seeking to empower themselves in all ways imaginable.

The said symposium is a collaboration between Women’s Empowerment, Catholic Women’s League, and other women’s rights groups in the community. Many of the speakers at the symposium are members of those different organizations, who have something worthwhile to share the audience. Usually, the topics vary from getting fair treatment at work, gender equality, equal treatment at home, career advancement opportunities, and similar related topics.

During the event, there will also be a job fair, where participants could apply for jobs and be interviewed and even hired on the spot. Prospective employers have set up booths within the venue and will entertain applicants after the symposium is over. This is another way the club is helping its members, by giving them opportunities to find jobs that match their skillsets. This is an added bonus, especially for women who have little to no free time to do such things.

Apart from all the activities and booths, the participants will also receive a take home bag containing promotional items from the sponsors of the event. This is their simple way of helping out women who are down and need a little boost from a friend.

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